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Reservation Management

Reservation Management
Transfer to change the details of your booking, edit, please login to hold or cancel.

If you made your reservation without user accounts; on the left "My Booking" section, you can use. The reservation you made REF. Type the numbers still login by typing your e-mail address you have specified when booking.

If you made your booking with your customer account "Client Login" section, you can view your reservation using.

The TBone;
TBone must be to win your customer account. Transfer service can get bonus points by collecting coupons and then use the book, which was held in the reservations made. Ogre region to the values ​​of TBone Prices> Airport> Visit the Region page. tbon can not be transferred to the next year and transferred to other accounts. 100 in your account after TBone iinfo@online-rezervasyon.com  accumulation can be requested by sending an e-mail address in your promotional kupunu.

10 TBone of USD 1 =

Always reminded that we are ready to help you, for your question; "Communication" using the form you can ask us to help you.